Byron Siren (EP)

by Byron Siren

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Debut EP from DIY indie solo artist Byron Siren.

A 6-track homerecording with guest appearances from friends and family.


released December 12, 2014

Featuring additional backing vocals from Peter Carr, Mezz Coleman and Bron Hayward plus additional guitar from Peter Carr.
All other instruments/vocals Byron Siren.




Byron Siren Melbourne, Australia

After writing and performing with numerous acoustic, indie, rock and folk outfits in Melbourne's local scene, Byron brings his DIY attitude to his solo written songs . But he's rarely alone; friends and family help perform this blend of unrefined, melodic music.

Byron Siren brings meaningful songwriting together with eclectic and sometimes nostalgic sounds of indie, rock and modern folk.
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Track Name: The Seven Seas
when you sailed the seven seas did you stop to think of me and what i believed?
when i sang my freedom song i wasnt singing for too long.
i believed that you you could take the future back from me.
so what does freedom mean?
if they moved hollywood to space would our lifestyles be disgraced by how much we take?
innocence and losing soul. who gave us stupid ones control? i dont know.
but i believe we take away the future from those who dream and keep them on their knees
Track Name: Fake This Life
I want to break out, out of all the walls of this small room
I want to take out my girlfriend to the high school prom, its true
I want to 'make out' like all the kids in all the movies do

I want to fake this life with you until it breaks you

I want to talk like an adult when I'm only 17
I want to walk like I'm nice but when its called for I'll be mean
I want to wake up and never have to feel like a machine

I want to fake this life with you until it breaks you

I can't see nobody here but you
I cant feel nobody here, it's true
Track Name: Passing Stations

this train is passing stations
whens it gonna stop
cos i want to get off

all my passed relations
are scrambling to the top
only to get knocked off

can we find another way to conceal abuse

are we on forever
through buildings and through crops
to learn what we forgot

can we find another way to conceal abuse
how're we gonna learn our lines
theres no-one there with cues
Track Name: Same Method Different pain
easy come and easy go
waking up with a friend or foe
on your shoulder, you dont know

today is a beautiful day
but tomorrow doesnt feel the same
same method with a different pain

dead memories are waiting here to trip you up, its true
if you want them to

change the memories in your mind
but you still cant make it right
when events are so unkind
Track Name: Silence Has Never Been
silence has never been so deafening to me
with all this silence my feelings roam around free
they tangle through every corner of me til i cant see the man i used to be

feelings wont let my thoughts process through this pain
they leave me behind saying i have gone insane
attacking the front and the backside of my brain
now the life i love is not the same

all this silence
and all i do is sit here and pretend
i just cannot sit here and pretend
Track Name: Spinning Coin
can you feel the pressure?
its making you feel wrong
its pounding you forever,
if you let it linger on

can you hear them marching?
theyre calling you to join
and if you keep ignoring,
your lifes a spinning coin

have you read the papers?
where do we begin?
if youre acting different,
theyll tell you its a sin

why do we wake up early,
just to face the day,
and fill it up with boredom
all work and never play